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dried pampas grass

We planting pampas grass in our base.

6 years old pampas tree grow extra large pampas feather.

Dried pampas factory

We are top pampas supplier in China.

We sell 800000 stems pampas grass to all over the world every year. Our pampas grass are large, fluffy and excellent quality.

There are many kinds of pampas available.

Some of it from planting base and others are harvested from mountain.

brown pampas grass
small pampas set

Amazon best seller small pampas set.

Long lasting(5-8 years) preserved rose arrangements for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Preserved rose box
Preserved rose in box
Preserved rose in box

Preserved rose in round box, square and heart shape box. Customization such as logo and package are available.

Rose in glass dome

High quality preserved rose

Classic gift item rose in glass dome

Rose in glass dome
Preserved rose bouquet
Balloon bouquet
Preserved Rose Bouquet

Preserved Moss for wall decorations.

Natural touch just like alive Moss. All moss have been high quality preserved.

Preserved Moss panels

Reindeer Moss

Preserved pole moss

Pole/Bun Moss

Preserved flat moss

Flat Moss

Dried flowers/Preserved flowers for DIY decorations&gifts

Mixed flower

We have over 200 kinds of flowers available/

Palm leaves
dried flower bouquet
Mixed flower
dried flower Bunny tail grass
Big thistle /Dipsacus sativus
Preserved fern
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