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We Are Top 5 dried flowers supplier in China

Lead group is a comprehensive enterprise mainly engaged in the wholesale of dried and preserved flower products since 2013.

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We have established our first factory “Yunnan Lijing Agricultural Development Technology Co., LTD.” in 2013. As the company grew, Chairman Li Jie set up Yunnan Dongzhi Flower Technology Co., LTD in 2017, expanding to three factories. Our main business has been to wholesale flowers to Chinese traders, and from 2020 we have started to supply the products overseas directly.
Li Jie

Products Line

We wholesale more then 200 types of dried and preserved flowers material, as well as over 200 designs of finished products such as bouquets, moss art, wreaths, gift item and decorative items. Our best-selling products are home/wedding decorative Pampas grass, Bouquet, Hydrangea, Eucalyptus etc. And wall decoration product such as preserved Moss, Amaranthus, Preserved Fern etc. And also the gift item preserved rose in gift box and glass dome.

Best Selling Products!

Main Market

Over the years, we have been dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality dried flowers and Preserved flowers. As a result, we have gained a loyal customer base that is both domestically and internationally significant. We have many trading company clients in China and you might got the goods from them before but we are the primary source of goods. We have exported our products directly to over 60 countries around the world, including America, England, France, Poland, Germany, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Africa etc. We have established strong partnerships with customers in many of these countries. We value our service excellence and product quality, and strive to provide customers with quality products and excellent service.



 *The advanced immortal flower production technology and drying technology. 

 *The Strict quality control procedures ensure that each bouquet is in top condition.

 *Each bunch of flowers goes through 5 times of screening, flower picking, processing inspection, packaging inspection, storage inspection and delivery inspection.


 *Our company has a sound system and workflow, we can provide fast, professional, comprehensive service. We have shorter lead time and faster shipping. We can provide product customization and logo customization.

 *We guarantee the quality of our products and provide complete after-sales service.

 *There are eight departments, sales department, production department, Packaging Department, Quality inspection Department, floral design Department, Finance Department, planting department, after-sales department.


 *Our prices are very competitive. We have a 2000-acres flower planting base, and it’s cost less for us to use our own flowers.

 *We have 3 factories and we produce the flowers our own. We can offer better price then most of the suppliers.

Cooperation with us

The main reasons for our success are our reliable and effective payment methods, competitive prices, and timely delivery. We have also been very careful in selecting the quality of our customers and complying with the environmental protection and safety regulations in different countries. In order to obtain a better development result in the future, we are making efforts to diversify our product export direction, seek opportunities in the global market and strive to establish global cooperation partnerships with reliable, transparent enterprises to carry out product-export operation for mutual benefits. In short, we sincerely invite you to explore more business opportunities with us. We believe that through our mutual cooperation, we can achieve win-win results and jointly promote the development of global trade.

We invite you to visit our factories and learn more about our products and services.                                  

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

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